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1. Stamp Duty: The Stamp duty act is principally a financial regulation but its implementation is exercised through the use of Postage stamps. Bulk users like Hotels, NEPA, Water Boards, Landowners Banks, The Stock Exchange Market and other big businesses can hire agents, Tax Meter Machines for the purpose of putting on impression demoting the amount of stamp duty with dates. Users of these machines must obtain licenses from the Local Head Postmaster and Payment in advance in respect of stamps used must be made from time to time.

2. Agency service: It is an across the counter delivery service that we perform for other organizations on commission basis. Agency service includes, Sales and Renewal of Drilling/Meter License; Payment of Pension to pensioners on behalf of government and other agencies; Sales and Renewal of Licenses: Sales and Distribution of Examination forms (i.e. WAEC, NECO JAMB etc); Distribution of Company Shares and Application forms; Sale and Collection of Insurance policies etc.

3. Business Reply Services: Under this service, a person who wishes to obtain a reply from a client without putting him to the expense of paying postage, may enclose in his communication an unstamped post postcard, envelope, folder or gummed label He may also incorporate in his advertisements in newspapers and other publications a special design to be used as an address label as a folder. The client can post the card etc. in the ordinary way without a stamp, and the addressee will pay the charges on all the replies he receives. Delivery will normally be effected once daily. The business reply service is chiefly designed to meet the need of business firms and advertisers.

4. Licensing of Postage Meter Franking Machine: These machines can be hired or purchased from the manufacturers or their agents, by private persons or business firms for the purpose of franking correspondences with an impression denoting the amount of postage with date and place of posting. Users of this machine obtain a license from the local Head Postmaster and Payment in advance in respect of postage must be made from time to time at the licensing post office.

5. Post Office counter Space Rental: There are a number of counter spaces available for probable lease to customers like Banks, co-operative societies, clubs, Associations and similar organizations. This is in line with NIPOST desire to contribute to community and social development.

6. Privately Operated postal Agencies/Sub-offices: We appoint paid postal agents in areas where a post office is not available and there is established demand for postal services. The Postal agents can sell stamps to the public and deliver mail on behalf of NIPOST. Postal agents have other businesses to perform on this own, in addition to the agency work. Where a postal agent has a high turnover, his agency can be upgraded to sub post office. Thus, in addition to sale of stamps and delivery of mail, it also sells postal/ money orders.

7. Post Office Identity Cards: Post office identity cards are issued to NIPOST customers as a means of identifying them in their day to day transactions with the post office and thus avert incidences of impersonation and stealing.

8. Post Office Space Rental: The Nigerian Postal Service has quite a few rental spaces for temporary storage or other commercial uses in some of its post offices throughout the country. Such space is rented for a specific period and at a negotiated amount. The usage and construction of structures to be erected must not impair NIPOST operations.

9. Pick Up Services: The Pick-up Service is one that allows a customer to call either by phone or any other means at any designated post office to have his/her mail collected and delivered to a required address within two hours. The service is available from Monday to Saturday. The service has the advantage of speed and reliability while maintaining hand-to-hand check. Additionally, it saves the customer the trouble of leaving his office or home to the post office.