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NIPOST has a large number of counters in all the Post offices throughout the country and offers the following transactions across the counters daily:-

1. Inland Money Order:- An inland money order is an order issued at a post office or sub-post office in Nigeria for payment at the same or any other post office or sub-post office. In Nigeria, money order can be drawn for any sum, but at different denominations. Its relative advantage over the postal order is that attracts low commission.

2. Postage Stamps:- Customers can buy this postage stamps across our counters in all post offices, sub-post offices, postal agencies, and Postshops all over the country. Postage Stamps are available in different denominations, to enable customers meet their mailing needs with ease. Postage Stamps constitutes one of the traditional products the Post the world over.

3. Air Letter Cards:- The airmail letter cards are also available for sale over the counters. We have the domestic airmail for local mail as well as the overseas airmail for oversea mail. The airmail letter card is the most convenient way of sending letters by air, because it saves you the task of the procurement of writing paper, envelope, purchase and affixing of postage stamps, since all these are the make up of the letter cards.

4. Post Cards:- The international postage rate for Post Cards is N50.00 to anywhere in the world. The local rate for post cards is N20.00. Pre-stamped international post cards are available at most post offices.